Based in Bolzano – Italy.
I started my studies in industrial design, later graduating with honours in new technologies for the arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2014.

My contemporary reportage photography focuses on the notion of work and research as an identity factor of mankind, with a special focus on the different functional aspects of technology and its sociological implication in everyday life.

My images reveal an interest in people and their stories, always working with great respect and empathy for my surroundings.

Publications include:

F-Stop Magazine, Panorama, Documagazine, Il Sole 24 Ore, Dolomiten, Alto Adige, Stol.it, dotART, Periodico LIVE, Roma Fotografia, Exhibit Around, COORPI, icsART, Franzmagazine, Untitled association, Segnonline, Die Südtiroler Frau, Zett am Sonntag, Adige, Italy in a day, MW Magazine.

Clients & Partners.